TUF Charge video

TUF5A represents a giant leap forward in USB charging technology. Capable of 5A, with a cable compensated 5V output, TUF5A employs IDR (Intelligent Device Recognition) to ensure Optimum ‘Full-Power’ Delivery to any two of your devices simultaneously. Its ‘ruggedized’ connectors allow in excess of 5000 insertions*, and TUF5A has also been independently tested to the latest International Safety and EMC standards.
Along with protection against overload, ultra-low standby power and boasting class-leading efficiency of up to 91{c5b1f241da6e5b4bee8d0932fb0643990814bf9b614754cadfed0551f0b5cb5d}, this surely makes TUF5Athe best USB charger available today!