Is your business ready for fast USB Charging?

Is your business ready for fast USB charging?

Not all USB chargers are created equal – some trickle charge, some fast/smart charge but not many charge at the OPTIMUM rate for every device using IDR (Intelligent Device Recognition), and not every USB charger is safe.

  • IDR guarantees all devices will be charged at the OPTIMUM rate
  • pixelTUF international socket options
  • Short circuit protection with “self-reset” to protect the charger from faulty mobile devices
  • Ultra low standby power of <0.1W to exceed EC intiatives
  • Overload protection
  • Efficiency >79% to comply with EC requirements from 2016
  • Only requires a single plug to power both socket and charger
  • The OE TUF charger makes your life easier by providing SAFE, RELIABLE and FAST  charging for EVERY device.

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