Optional TUF A+C 25W
360° Socket access
UK Designed and Manufactured International power socket options BS5733, UL962A/UL1363 certified
CE marked as applicable

PLUTO satisfies the growing need for easily accessible AC power sockets and USB charging in informal areas, with a unique combination of style and function.

Perfectly suited to breakout areas, smaller meeting rooms and coffee tables, in offices, hotels, and other public spaces – PLUTO makes sharing power a pleasure.

Infinitely customisable in appearance PLUTO is available from stock in white, black and 8 vibrant satin colours, with other paint and immersion graphics finishes to special order.  As well as the perfect colour or pattern to match any interior design scheme, PLUTO can be screen printed with your own or your customer’s brand name or logo.

PLUTO can be securely clamped to a standard 80mm desk grommet hole, screwed to any suitable surface, or supplied with side entry power cord and rubber feet for free standing use.


PLUTO’s  3 socket apertures  may be configured with a combination of the following AC power options from the OE 42mm range or our class leading OE TUFA+C25W:Twin USB Fast charger The optional Pluto data cartridge provides up to 5 Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A data, USB, HDMI, VGA and sound connections.




High strength 5VA fire retardant “Lexan 943” polycarbonate enclosure. OE “42mm” modular polycarbonate power socket fascia’s


PLUTO is supplied as standard in a “polished”  white RAL 9003 moulded finish with grey or black sockets. Pluto can also be ordered in a wide range of painted or immersion transfer printed finishes  and with Pad printed logo’s.

Earth Bonding:

A discreet ‘easy-connect’ 6.3mm spade type earth terminal is fitted as standard in base of unit for the attachment of an external earth bonding lead.

Socket Fusing:

To enable compliance to BS6396,  UK fused sockets are fitted with 5 x 20mm anti-surge ceramic fuses, with colour-coded fuse clips to denote the rating (3.15A/5A).

Power cord options:

PLUTO may be  hardwired to: – mains AC plug, – Male Wieland GST18 connector for “soft wiring” e.g. connection to an under desk power modules or direct to a floor socket via a starter cable.


Base power cord entry PLUTOs are supplied as standard with the “clamp 80” kit for secure mounting to an 80mm grommet hole.  For screw fixing Pluto can be ordered with just the bayonet mounting ring. Side power cord entry PLUTOs are fitted with silicone rubber feet.  Special brackets can be supplied to order for fitting the side power cord entry PLUTO to tool/equipment rails

Quality and Testing:

All PLUTO units are manufactured using ISO9001 quality controlled components and practices and are 100% tested before dispatch:

  • Visual: Configuration and appearance.
  • Power sockets: Continuity, polarity, insulation & earth
  • USB charger: Output voltage and resistance
  • Data & AV: All sockets continuity tested with batch performance testing.

“We test every pin on every connection in every socket”

CE Marking

All units built with UK and European socket types are CE marked by OE Electrics as complying with:

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2014/30/EU
  • Low Voltage Equipment Directive 2014/35/EU
  • RoHS2 Directive 2011/65/EU


AC power socket: The fitted sockets will be certified to the appropriate national/international standard eg: BS1363/5733, IEC60884-1, CCC, AS/NZS3112. OE TUF 25W:   Independently certified to IEC/UL 62368-1. Cable, connectors & mains plug: Independently certified to the appropriate national/international standard.


pluto-plug-socket-desk-power-details 1. 140mm diameter hemisphere 2. Power socket outlet (up to 3) 3. Side exit for power cable only 4. Power can exit via the base in a fixed situation

Pluto Base Cable Exit pluto-baseexit Pluto Side Cable Exit pluto-sideexit

Standard Fixings

  • Mounting Adaptor and 80mm Grommet Fixing
  • Mounting Adaptor Ring – Screw Fix
  • Rubber Feet
  • Post Fixing

Bayonet Fitting Instructions
80mm Grommet Fitting Instructions
PDC (Pluto Data Cartridge) Fitting Instructions

Pluto Mounting Adaptor & 80mm Grommet Fixing

PLUTO has been designed from the outset to provide connectivity, in many guises, to suit the environment in which it is required. As a hemispherical dome, PLUTO can be fixed over a 60mm/80mm grommet hole in the furniture to provide a seamless touchdown solution with no visible cables. It has also been designed with a side power cable exit so that it can be used as a very informal, but design led, mobile power outlet that can be moved across the work surface to the user in most need. PLUTO has been designed from the outset to provide connectivity, in many guises, to suit the environment in which it is required. PLUTO mounting adaptor and 80mm grommet fixing Place mounting ring over 80mm hole Place 80mm grommet into mounting ring and screw up retaining nut until firmly in place pluto-fitting-clamp-80-grommet Dimensions pluto-side-dimensions

Pluto Mounting Adaptor Ring – Screw Fix

Place mounting ring over 50-80mm hole and screw mounting ring in place using suitable screws. pluto-fitting-mounting-adaptor

Pluto Rubber Feet

PLUTO can be supplied with rubber feet. This is only available with power only Pluto’s and where the power exits out the side. The rubber feet option allows the PLUTO to be used a temporary use module, where PLUTO can be put away when not in use. pluto-fitting-rubber-feet

Pluto Post Fixing

PLUTO can also be fitted to a free standing post, as shown below; perfect for break out areas and hotel/airport foyers. pluto-plug-socket-desk-power-fitting-pedestal

PLUTO comes in either polished white or black satin finish as standard but is available in a number of special finishes. Almost any colour can be applied* and then finished as standard satin, gloss, or ‘soft touch’.

Download the OE Colour Book here

Standard Polished White finish



Satin Finish Pluto

Gloss Finish Pluto (More Colours Available)


Patterned Finish Pluto+

The patterns that you see here are applied through a special process. These are just a small selection of patterns that can be applied, please call for more information. +These are example patterns only and actual patterns may differ *Please note colours may vary on monitors.


Pad Printing

Our pad printing technique enables printing onto 3D objects. Ideal for branding our PLUTO unit with your, company logo, sports team emblem or university crest. The below are just a few of the possibilities.


PDC Image Pack

The Pluto Data Cartridge (PDC) has been designed to add additional data and AV connectivity to the standard Pluto power module and is thus an exciting new option for meeting tables where a traditional in-desk unit is not suitable. The Pluto Data Cartridge simply bayonet fits to the Pluto base and therefore can be supplied pre-fitted to new Pluto’s or for retro fitting to existing units.  Just like the standard Pluto, a Pluto with the Data Cartridge fitted simply clamps into an 80mm grommet hole without the need for tools. The Pluto Data Cartridge is finished in satin silver textured paint finish which contrasts well with both the standard white Pluto dome and our wide range of Pluto optional colours.





Key features

  • Adds 5 additional data/AV sockets to Pluto
  • Tool free bayonet fixing
  • Can be retrofitted
  • Satin silver textured finish


The Pluto Data Cartridge incorporates: –           3  x Keystone apertures  for any combination of Data, USB, HDMI, Sound. –           1 x knock out for fitting a VGA cable –           1 x knock out for fitting a Display Port cable –           Secure cable tie points for data and Av cables




The Pluto Data Cartridge can be ordered fully configured with data/AV cables or on its own for site installation of data/AV.

Modular Components

PLUTO Data Cartridge can provide one VGA, one Display Port and up to three Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A data, USB, HDMI or sound keystone connections.

 RJ45 HDMI  Audio  USB
VGA Display Port

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