Optional TUF A+C 25W
Every powerpole is bespoke
Available in lengths up to 3m
Can be installed through a standard 80mm grommet

Power and data unit which may be installed through a standard 80mm desk cable port. Provides power, USB charging and data to the desktop and beyond. Each Powerpole is a bespoke item custom made to the client’s specification and requirements.

All OE Electrics’ products are manufactured to enable compliance with BS6396 or BS7671 where relevant.

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POWERPOLE socket apertures may be configured with the following AC power options from the OE 42mm range or our class-leading  OE TUFA+C25W:Twin USB Fast charger and most types/makes of Data/AV.



Data :    Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a or Cat7 data connection options, with colour coded port identification. USB:      USB2.0 or USB 3.0 type A for PC connection. For USB charging specify the OE TUFA+C25W:Twin USB Fast charger AV:         VGA,  HDMI, DVI-D  and Display Port AV connection options. Protection: Surge protector, RCD, MCBO, RCBO


Earthed aluminium extruded chassis Fire retardant moulded socket fascias OE anti-flex system of interlocking socket fascias guarantees unit integrity regardless of length. 2000V protective membrane gives additional insulation/protection and internal segregation is provided between Power and Data/AV components.


Main body – extruded aluminium Socket fascia – grey or black (Nema 5-15R – black only) Cable – black

Socket Fusing:

To enable compliance to BS6396 UK sockets are fitted with 5 x 20mm anti-surge ceramic fuses, with colour-coded fuse clips to denote the rating (3.15A/5A)

Earth Bonding:

Earthing facilities are provided in the rear of the unit or the end of the unit depending on the application.

Power cord options:

Power: Hardwiring – 1.5mm2 or 2.5mm2 – Flexible conduit Other – M20/ Gland – M20/ Grommet Data: – Up to 30 data cables can be held within the main body of the powerpole


Power cleaner, surge protector, MCB, RCD, RCBO, etc.


POWERPOLE is designed to fit through an 80mm grommet hole to allow simple installation.

Quality and Testing:

All POWERPOLE units are manufactured using ISO9001 quality controlled components and practices and are 100% tested before dispatch:

  • Visual: Configuration and appearance.
  • Power sockets: Continuity, polarity, insulation & earth
  • USB charger: Output voltage and resistance
  • All sockets continuity tested with batch performance testing

“We test every pin on every connection in every socket”

CE Marking

All units built with UK and European socket types are CE marked by OE Electrics as complying with: – Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2014/30/EU – Low Voltage Equipment Directive 2014/35/EU – RoHS2 Directive 2011/65/EU


AC Power socket: The fitted socket will be certified to the appropriate national/international standard eg: BS1363/5733, IEC60884-1, UL498, CCC, AS/NZS3112 OE TUF 25W: Independently certified to IEC/UL 62368-1. Cable, connectors & mains plug: Independently certified to the appropriate national/international standard.


The smaller section has room for 3 x standard 3183Y cable where applicable. The large middle section has room for 30 data cables at 30% where applicable. Alternatively, where it is appropriate either section can be used for power or data cables



Clamp Details

When specified as a floor to ceiling unit, the powerpole can be slid though the 80mm grommet in the desk and then be fixed to the floor with screws.

The top of the Powerpole may be fixed using an adjustable jack screw for ease of installation.

The Powerpole is designed to fit through an 80mm grommet hole to allow simple installation.

Please call or email for further information.

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