Data Cabling

Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A and Cat7 data available
Our units are designed to accept MOST brands

OE Electrics offers a wide range of data outlets including RJ45, USB 2.0 & 3.0, IBM and Fibre Optic. Our modular units can accommodate most brands & categories of data outlets, including shielded & unshielded Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6a.

OE Electrics units are designed to accept most brands of RJ45 data connector. We can usually accommodate any specific brand to meet your specifications.

As well as supplying a wide variety of data options, we can also supply telecommunications cabling and connectors including LJ6 (BT), RJ9, RJ10, RJ11, RJ12 & RJ22.

If standard products do not meet your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact OE Electrics to discuss other available options. Please call or email for further information.

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