What’s a GST?

What’s a GST?

A GST is a type of connector that allows users to connect OE Electrics power modules to one another and to the power outlet in the wall. GST connectors look like this….

The GST connectors look very similar to ST connectors. Up until now, Office Electrics have been using ST connectors in the UK to connect their power modules to one another and the power supply.
From now on OE Electrics will use GST connectors instead of ST connectors.
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How will this affect our customers?

Well not a great deal, as OE Electrics will supply the customer with the correct connectors so that when the module is fitted everything works!

What if I already have a cable or a module with an ST connector?

If you already have an ST connector on either your power module or cable, OE Electrics can supply you with an ST to GST adaptor. Please call for further information.

Why the Change?

In May 2009 IEC61535:2009 was finalised for “Installation Couplers” intended for permanent electrical installations” (ie: electrical connectors such as Wieland) CENELEC have stipulated that, by May 2012, ALL National Standards must have been superceded by IEC61535:2009 – and in the UK this was BS61535:2006 (Note: Thereby manufacturers & installers are given time to plan a changeover to compliance) Effectively the new standard globally standardises the requirements for Installation Couplers – increasing the safety and defining the use of plug-&-play electrical connectors Unfortunately the ST connector system does not comply with IEC61535:2009, and the deadline (by which time they should not be used) is now set, but Wieland has developed the alternate GST system that does comply This does not mean that installations already using ST connectors are unsafe. Any current ST connected systems are perfectly safe and can remain in use – IEC61535:2009 just applies to NEW electrical installations.

Ahead of May 2012, OE Electrics are transferring to the GST connector system, to bring in line:

•    Export solutions that we have been manufacturing with GST connectors for 2yrs+
•    UK fixed wiring solutions which MUST change to IEC61535:2009 compliant connectors
•    UK BS6396:2008 wiring solutions

By no means is OE Electrics the first: In international markets, the change to GST systems has been taken on fully already In the UK, many electrical soft wiring providers, that use Wieland connector systems, (eg: lighting installers) have already changed to GST connectors for fixed wiring applications …but nor are we the last! OE Electrics is simply changing to the new format to ensure:
•    that all our solutions, which can cross between fixed wiring (BS7671) and soft-wiring (BS6396) situations, are cross compatible – within the UK
•    that all our solutions, which cross national borders, are cross compatible between UK and Export – important for our increasingly globalised clients
•    that all our solutions are fully compliant with all regulations – regardless of country of use
•    that we can continue to give best value for money! As the ST range is increasingly replaced by the GST range, economies of scale will be lost and the ST system will increase in price more quickly Click for Technical information

GST Technical Information:

The GST connectors are very similar the ST connectors the main difference being the configuration of the plastic around the pins.
Please see the image below to see the difference between GST connectors and ST connectors.
ST connectors will not connect to GST connectors without the aid of an adaptor.


GST Moulded plug

GST Adaptor block male female:

GST Adaptor block 1 inlet, 3 outlets:

GST Adaptor block 1 inlet, 5 outlets:

GST ‘T’ Adaptor block 1 inlet, 2 outlets:

GST re-wireable connectors:

Male GST18i3

Female GST18i3


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