32A rated – High load applications
Compact ø38mm circular design
Cable termination with crimp technology
Flexible – allowing for changes & reconfigurations

METALYNX2 is designed to fulfil the needs of all building installations. A comprehensive range of products offer fast and failsafe installation using a unique coding system for power distribution, HVAC, underfloor and complete integration to lighting controls using DALI, KNX or LON based systems. The system offers cost and program savings with maximum flexibility for the future, this makes the METALYNX2 system ideal for many applications.

The connector used throughout the prefabricated wiring system must be manufactured and tested in accordance with BSEN 61535 – Installation couplers intended for permanent connection.

Unused connectors shall have fully shrouded (live) pins.

The connector system shall only be able to be disconnected by means of a specialist tool.

The system shall comprise 6491B LSOH BS7211 cables enclosed within a metal flexible conduit. Connectors will be rated at 20A for Lighting and 32A for Radial Power.

The connector system shall be circular to allow for ease of installation through fire barriers and stud walls.

The cable termination with the connectors should be screwless type, therefore, maintenance-free during the life of the installation.

The system and all components must meet the relevant British and European Standards for Prefabricated Wiring systems – BS 8488 Part 1.

The principal components of the prefabricated wiring system are as follows:

  • Home Run
  • Master Distribution Box (MDB)
  • Extender Cable
  • Fused Spur Unit
  • T Connector
  • Switch Module

Home Run
Home run cables comprising of 2.5mm2, 4.0mm2, or 6.0mm2 LSOH singles (number dependant on the number of circuits) in metal flexible conduit (up to 40mm diameter) complete with gland and lock-nut. If the structured wiring system is to be integrated with a lighting or BMS control system the home run cable will generally comprise of a Belden type 8719 Fieldbus cable or DALI control pairs. These are to be run internally of the conduit with the power conductors, not separately. Length of the Home Run cable will be determined by position on site. This cable can be supplied pluggable for direct interface with the Distribution Board.

Master Distribution Box (MDB)
MDB’s generally comprise of a solid galvanized steel enclosure with a removable lid and provision for earthing. Output ports are positioned around the perimeter of the MDB. The number of outputs will be determined by the project by standard configurations of 6 or 9 port/circuit.

Extender Cable
Extender cable assemblies of up to 4.0mm2 LSOH singles in a metal flexible conduit (ø16mm) and pre-wired male and female.

Fused Connection Unit
Fused connection units (for connection to fan-coils or similar loads) comprise of male and female connectors, suitably rated switch and fuse and provision for earthing. A 1m flex will carry the load to the equipment.

T Connector
The T connector comprise of male and female connectors and tails, flex or flexible conduit drop lead for connection to luminaire/lighting control module (LCM)/fan coil unit (FCU)/variable air volume unit (VAV). Switch Module Switch modules shall allow for a local switch within the system. This can control 1 way, 2 way, intermediate, PIR or dimming switching requirements.


Yellow Pluto desktop module with UK fused power sockets and TUF USB charger. On a desk next to a notebook, cup of coffee and iphone

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