Extended units


Custom sizes

As a logical extension of the QF modular system extended Tardis and Axxess units are available for providing more power and data sockets for large meeting tables than possible with the standard QF25 and QF45 sizes, or competitor products.

Extended Tardis and Axxess aluminium lid units are available to special order in a range sizes up to 1500mm long, a matching number of Q25 and Q45 steel undercarriages fitted with QF modules then providing a full length high density power and data unit. The system has been designed so that QF25 twin socket power modules can be interlinked across the multiple undercarriages using special Wieland GST adapter blocks, so that in most cases only one power supply cord is still needed*.

*Subject to the maximum number of sockets not exceeding local wiring regulations.

Extended Axxess

Extended Tardis

Extended units are customer specific and different instructions will be required for each one therefore specific instructions will be tailor made to your needs and despatched with each unit.

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