What is QikFit?

QikFit is new from OE Electrics is an innovative new approach to providing power, alongside USB charging and data connectivity, that is designed to reduce overall project costs and put the customer in control.

The system comprises a comprehensive range of AC power, USB charging and data/AV modules designed for flexible and fast installation. Simply cut the correct size aperture into a suitable metal or plastic panel, clip in the required combination of QikFit modules and plug in the power supply and data/AV leads.

Need to fit the modules into other surfaces such as wood furniture panels? Then no problem, simply utilise the accessory Thick Panel Frame. It is also as easy to replace a damaged module or change the configuration so that the unit can suit a new user or new requirements; simply unplug the power, remove redundant  modules and clip in new ones.  This feature makes the unit perfect for busy modern spaces.

QikFit modules also form the core of our new: PACE, PARTNER and QikBOX units.  We have also redesigned some of our most. popular units such as:AXXESS, TARDIS and GENIE, so that they are a part of the QikFit range, thereby bringing all the advantages of the system to traditional on surface, in surface and in desk power / data provision.

All QikFit modular solutions offer the key benefits of flexibility of initial configuration, adaptability to new user requirements and the potential for full project life cost savings over conventional solutions.

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