Case study – R&D Laboratory – OE Electrics Ltd

Photography courtesy of Innova Design Group

Products Used

In 2017, just over 30 years since the company began, OE moved into Its new purpose built manufacturing facility in Wakefield. The new building: OE House, features a purpose-built Research and Development Laboratory, complete with several products from our own range to provide Power & Data for our Design team.

AXXESS, PANDORA, and PASCAL were chosen for in-desk power as all enable the work surface to remain clear when not in use, by either pushing, flipping, or closing a lid. A free-standing POSE provides conveniently locatable USB charging anywhere in the room, and a custom-built 3-meter long POCO unit frames the counter-tops, providing both mains and USB power.

OE House, would bring a spacious work environment, better facilities, more space for growth, and allow for an altogether much-improved base from which to continue providing unprecedented service and support to our customers. The new modern laboratory is now a flexible and spacious working environment for our designers to develop and test new products efficiently, with everything under one roof.

Yellow Pluto desktop module with UK fused power sockets and TUF USB charger. On a desk next to a notebook, cup of coffee and iphone

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