QikFit Genie


Our Genie QF In-Surface unit in combination with QikFit System modules is a perfect solution for meeting tables when maximum functionality at an economical price is required.

The polycarbonate moulded Genie QF unit incorporates a hinged lid which when open reveals a large power and data compartment with cable storage area. Twin cable ports allow the lid to be closed when in use neatly concealing plugs and cables.

Genie can be fitted with either 4 power sockets, or 2 power sockets and TUF A+C charging ports, plus up to 4 keystone outlets, plus VGA & Stereo.



QikFit GENIE is available in Power only / Data only / Combined (Power, TUF, Data & AV).


Polycarbonate box and lid.



Power entry

Requires Female Wieland GST18i3 connector


Lid not shown for clarity

Cutout Dimensions



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