Case study – Cardiff University

Furniture: Connection

Dealer: Paramount Interiors

Photography: Connection


When Cardiff University refurbished their Resource Centre, they were tasked with the challenge of creating a space that students could use to eat and socialise, as well as work collaboratively and individually when needed. So the space had to be flexible enough to provide open spaces, with a table tennis and pool table, alongside options for quieter, private study areas…not an easy task.

The university partnered with furniture specialists Connection, along with Cardiff-based Paramount Interiors to design a solution to these needs. The chosen soft-seating furniture sits nicely around the fixed building structures, and the high back screens add the required privacy and help to define the different areas within the space.

As with most public areas, it was necessary for the university to provide students with ample plug sockets and USB charging outlets to charge their laptops, tablets and mobile phones as they work. OE Electrics worked closely with Connection to provide electrical units integrated directly into the furniture so that they are conveniently located and easy to access.

Whether students are working on their ping-pong, pool shot or PowerPoint presentation, they can be sure their devices will be kept charged throughout.

Yellow Pluto desktop module with UK fused power sockets and TUF USB charger. On a desk next to a notebook, cup of coffee and iphone

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