Advanced Wireless Charging
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Lose those annoying cables and get charging with arc80
Simply rest your wireless compatible phone* on our wireless charger for a fast convenient charge
Apple & Samsung compatible
Simple installation

arc80 allows your space to breathe; freeing you of annoying cables and giving you the convenience to charge your phone quickly and effectively.  Perfect for the office, casual seating areas, libraries and cafes, arc80 uses the latest wireless charging technology, to provide you with wireless power whenever you need it

Quick and easy to install, arc80 fits neatly into a standard 80mm hole and once connected, provides wireless charging instantly. There’s no longer any need to crawl on the floor looking for a powerpoint; arc80 uses the most advanced wireless charging technology to power your phone without the need for cables. simply rest your wireless enabled phone on arc80 and let it work its magic!

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PLUTO yellow with white UK sockets and TUF charger

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