Workplace Yoga

Yoga is a fun, safe and effective way to increase physical activity, strength, flexibility and balance.

Workplace health and wellbeing is really important. A large group of our staff have started participating in a weekly Yoga class after work in the staff canteen.

Why do Yoga in the workplace? Convenience, our staff don’t have to travel which makes it easier to achieve their health goals. Time is another factor, staying for an hour after finishing work once a week rather than having to book into a gym class on a weekend or later in the evening. Morale boost, doing an activity with colleagues you wouldn’t normally see on a day to day basis improves morale and team spirit.

What are the benefits of Yoga? Yoga can potentially help to reduce stress, increase motivation, improve morale ad team spirit, promote creativity and energy (the list is endless) and create a generally happier workplace!

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