arc-h | sub-surface charger (wireless)

10 Watts of charging power
Desk Thicknessess from 15-25mm or 20-50mm with arc-H LD*
No cutting install
Fast charge for Samsung (10W)
Apple (7.5W)

The ARC-H sub surface wireless charger offers the ultimate in charging convenience. With a charging range of 15-30mm (coil to coil), ARC-H can be installed without the need to cut into the underside of the surface for most standard installations.

A simple decal is all that is required to guide placement of mobiles on the surface.

ARC-H is designed for the easiest of installations, simply fix to the underside of the surface with the screws supplied. The decal is then placed on the surface using the unique magnet alignment method.

With 10W of charging power ARC-H is one of the fastest sub surface wireless chargers on the market, convenient for a quick boost or full charge when you need it most.

*20-30mm to comply with FCC Part 15

arc-H Specifications (15-25mm):

Output power: Up to 10W
Input power: 19V/0.94A
Standby power: 0.2W
Charging Z-Distance: 15 – 30mm (coil to coil)
Desk Thickness:

No routing for surfaces 15-25mm. (thicker surfaces require under desk routing)

Certification: IEC 60950-1 (Safety) EN62311 (Health) EN 301 489-1, EN 301 489-3 (EMC)EN 303 417 (Radio)
Available colours: Black
In the box:

1 x ARC-H,
1 x Power Adapter with 1.5m lead,
4 x Desktop Decals (2 x large, 2 x small),
1 x Alignment Magnet,
1 x Alignment Template,
3 x Cable Clips,
1 x Installation Manual.

Compatible phones:

iPhone 8P
iPhone X
iPhone XR
iPhone XS Max
iPhone XS
iPhone 11
iPhone 11Pro
Huawei Mate20 Pro
Google Pixel 3

arc-h Dimensions

Coil to Coil


ARC-H is designed for surfaces 15-25mm thick, where the worksurface is thicker the underside should be routed down to max 25mm



Desk thickness


The ARC logo identifies the coil centre which must be aligned with the sticker

1. Attract magnets (thicknesses up to 25mm / 0.98”)

2. Move guide to your desired location

3. Adjust to ensure correct clearance and mark screw holes

4. Place sticker where the magnet indicated

5. Fit ARC-H with tape (provided) or screws

6. Connect power and check for blue LED

7. Place phone on the sticker and charge

8. The ARC logo identifies the coil centre which must be aligned with the sticker

9. Common queries / installation problems

Common queries

The phone will not charge when I place the phone directly on the charger, to check it works before installation?

The charger will not charge a phone unless it is separated (and aligned) from the phone by at least 15mm.

The magnets will not attract each other through my desk?

The magnets only work up to 25mm. Route the area of the desk underside,where ARC-H is to be fitted, to <25mm).

Common installation errors

Sticker fitted over the centre of the charger – WILL NOT WORK

The charging coil is Off-Center, the alignment guide MUST be used to guarantee accuracy

Sticker misaligned – WILL NOT WORK The alignment guide MUST be used to guarantee accuracy

LED Functions

Slow on/off blue – Device is on and in stand-by mode
Solid blue – Device in on and in charging mode
Red – Error mode

• Foreign Object Detected – Remove metal from near charger

• Phone is too close – Move phone greater than 15mm away

• Plug pack issue – Use only original plug pack

• NON-compatible device – Upgrade phone




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