How to stay productive when working remotly from home



How to stay productive when working remotely from home


As the remote working phenomenon happened with little warning, workers have had limited time to transform their kitchens and living areas to makeshift offices whilst preparing themselves for the change.  This is why we have complied the following list of tips, so that you can stay productive whilst staying at home.  



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Create a dedicated workspace
Create a dedicated workspace that is free from distractions, don’t be afraid to try a few different locations. All the time that you spend setting up your workspace is an investment in your productivity in the future. To create a workspace where you will be able to focus, you may have to embrace your Tetris skills and maneuver furniture.


Inform your family about your schedule
Inform family members of your schedule; if you let them know when you’ll be in a meeting, they may be less likely to interrupt. Alternatively, try downloading and printing off our door sign.


Distance from the noise
You may find it challenging to separate your home and work life when all that you can hear is the soundtrack of hectic house. Try to distance yourself from the chaos with a pair of noise-cancelling headphones – you can buy them online for under £30.


Maintain a routine
When there’s no one to go on lunch with it can be tempting to have a working lunch; however, this will likely impact your productivity later on in the day.

Stay social
Try messaging your colleagues on your lunch break to keep your routine. Many co-workers may be feeling isolated at the moment; there is an endless list of apps that can help you stay in touch with them. Making a small effort to keep in touch with peers may brighten their day.


Maintain your physical and mental health

When working from home, and only leaving the house for essentials, life can very quickly start to feel groundhog day. Make an effort to maintain your mental and physical health. There are lots of great free apps to help with this, such as Headspace and MyFitnessPal.




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