Up to 65W Type C laptop charging
Unique Reversible Type A connector
Integral panel mount clips
International safety and EMC certifications

The new QF15 TUF HP module incorporates our latest evolution in high power USB charging. With its 65W maximum output QF15 TUF HP can provide up to 65W through the USB Type-C port, for high speed USB PD laptop, phone and tablet charging, whilst still allowing fast charging through the USB Type-A port for older devices.

QF15 TUF HP has an industry standard GST18 male power connector for direct connection to a GST18 Mains AC power cord or attaching to an OE QikFit power socket module. Installing QF15 TUF HP is simple, clip directly into a suitable steel panel cutout or into any of our QikFit range modular mounting frames and enclosures.

Technical Specifications

USB Charging Outlets

1 x Type C (Reversible)
1 x Type A (Reversible)

Power In connector

Male GST18i3 AC connector

Rated Total Output Power


Output Voltages & Currents

(USB-C or USB-A Port single used):


PD3.0: 5Vdc/3A or 9Vdc/3A or 12Vdc/3A or

15Vdc/3A or 20Vdc/3.25A

QC2.0/QC3.0: 5Vdc/3A or 9Vdc/3A or 12Vdc/3A

USB-A: 5Vdc/2.4A

Output (USB-C and USB-A Port both used):


PD3.0: 5Vdc/3A or 9Vdc/3A or 12Vdc/3A or

15Vdc/3A or 20Vdc/2.25A

QC2.0/QC3.0: 5Vdc/3A or 9Vdc/3A or 12Vdc/3A

USB-A: 5Vdc/2.4A

Over voltage category (OVC): OVC III
Input voltage 100-240V~, 50/60Hz, MAX1.6A

USB Connector Min. Insertions

Type A 10,000
Type C 10,000

Over Current Protection

Yes. Digital control at 3.3A. Auto reset with LED flash.

Short Circuit Protection

Yes. Digital control at 3.3A. Auto reset.

Over Temperature Protection


Rated Operating Temperature

0° TO 25°C

Certifications – Safety

IEC 62368-1 : 2014
UL62368-1 cTUVus

Certifications –EMC

EN61204 : 2018
FCC part 15 (B)

Certifications ROHS

EU 2015/863

User Replaceable USB module


Model Code:



High strength fire retardant polycarbonate


Black or white fascia

Black body and GST connector

Power in connector:

Integral male GST18i3 mains AC connector


QF15 TUF HP can be mounted directly in metal or plastic panels 1.0mm to 3.0mm thick

Quality and Testing:

All QF15 TUF HP modules are manufactured using ISO9001 quality controlled components and practices and are 100% tested before dispatch:

• Visual: Configuration and appearance

• USB charger: Output voltages and resistance

CE & UKCA Marking:

QF15 TUF HP is CE and UKCA marked by OE Electrics as complying with as applicable:

• Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2014/30/EU

• UK Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulations 2016

• Low Voltage Equipment Directive 2014/35/EU

• UK Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 2016

• ROHS Directive EU 2015/863

• UK ROHS Regulations 2012

cTUVus & FCC:

QF15 TUF HP is cTUVus listed and FCC compliant for use in USA and Canada.

Energy efficiency:

QF15 TUF HP meets current EU Ecodesign and DOE/ CEC minimum energy efficient regulations

Unit Dimensions:

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