QIKPAC Battery


240Wh scalable capacity
Fixed or portable applications
Certified to IEC & UL standards
Patented – ANIMATE modular battery system
Available in black or white

QIKPAC which is a core component of our innovative and patented ANIMATE modular system heralds in a new era of power provision within office and educational environments.

QIKPAC powered furniture can simply be located where needed without needing to worry about having a mains socket nearby. Alternatively our portable QIKPAC Carry enables workers/students to bring power to wherever they wish to work.

By utilising premium lithium-ion cells, a single QIKPAC can drive the TUF-R/HP USB Charger or ARC-H LD wireless charger for multiple hours of continuous use. Capacity can easily be increased by linking multiple QIKPAC units, allowing more time between charges for high current applications such as mobile TV screens. Multiple charging options enable QIKPAC’s to be recharged in situ or at a charging dock depending on the application.

With this newfound freedom, the workspace or venue becomes a flexible, easily configurable scene, perfect for our new agile ways of working.

How many QIKPAC batteries will I need? Work it out here!

Technical Specifications

Battery Capacity 240Wh (Equivalent to 66 780mAh)
Useable Capacity 200Wh
Output Voltage 21.0V – 29.4V
Input Voltage 30.0V (Maximum)
Maximum Output Current Per Port 6A
Total Shared Maximum Ouput Current 12A
Features Short Circuit Protection
Over Current Protection
Under Voltage Protection
Battery Overvoltage Protection
Unit Over Temperature Protection
Safety Standards IEC/UL 62368-1 (Safety)
IEC/UL 62133-2 (Li-ion Safety)
EN/IEC 61000-6-3 & 61000-6-1
UN38.3 (Shipping)
Weight 1.3kg
Operating Temperature 10-25C
Charging Range 5C to 45C
Discharging Range -20C to 60C
Storage Temperature Up to 3 Months: -20C to 40C
Longer Duration : 10C to 20C (Ideal)
QIKPAC should be stored at 40-60% charge (2 LEDs) in a low humidity environment (less than 70% RH) with no corrosive gases and no condensation on cells and charged yearly to keep them at this level.
Estimated Charge Cycles 1,500 (With 70% capacity remaining, will depend on type of load and use)
Estimated Life Span 5+ years
Charging Times (Using QIKPAC Charger Base)
1-2 batteries 5 – 8 hours
3 batteries 8 – 11 hours

Product Type:

Portable 240Wh lithium–ion battery pack for use in office type environments


Premium lithium-ion ‘18650’ cells and control circuitry within a High strength fire retardant polycarbonate body


Black or white fascia options

Power connections:

Wieland GST08 50V 6A DC power in and out connectors

Charging Options:

• QF30 PSU for in-situ charging

• QIKPAC Charger for remote charging 3 x QIKPAC

• Charging Shoes can be built into OEM furniture

USB Charger Options:

Clip on or remotely located TUF HP A+C module (e.g. QF05 TUF, PICCOLO DC)


QIKPAC batteries are shipped by OE in UN38.3 certified dangerous goods packaging.


Integrated QIKFIT system mounting clips for direct in furniture mounting – with optional quick release removal tool


End of life QIKPACs should be recycled in accordance with prevailing regulations for the recycling of portable li-on battery packs in the country of use

QIKPAC Carry – for portable use:

QIKPAC can optionally be supplied fitted in the QIKPAC portable carry case – see QIKPAC CARRY datasheet

Quality and Testing:

All QIKPAC Battery units are manufactured using ISO9001 quality controlled components and practices and are 100% tested before dispatch.

CE/UKCA Marking:

QIKPAC Battery is CE and UKCA marked by OE Electrics as complying with:

• EU Battery Directive 2006/66EC as amended by 2013/56/EU

• Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2014/30/EU

• ROHS Directive 2011/65EU as amended by 2015/863EU plus the equivalent UK regulations

Examples of linking batteries to increase capacity

Direct link (in a single mounting slot)

Cable linked (if installed in separate locations)

Unit Dimensions:

For cutout dimensions for multiple batteries and bespoke solutions please contact us


LED Function LED Code Description
Short Button press 80-100% ON for 5 Second after button press
Short Button press 60-80% ON for 5 Second after button press
Short Button press 40-60% ON for 5 Second after button press
Short Button press 20-40% ON for 5 Second after button press
0-20% constantly ON without button press
Charger plugged in but Battery FULL 100% Battery LEDs ON
Charging 80-100% ON FLASHING
Charging 60-80% ON FLASHING
Charging 40-60% ON FLASHING
Charging 20-40% ON FLASHING
Charging 0-20% ON FLASHING
Fault mode

Over current fault on one of the ports. All outputs will remain disabled until cleared by a short button press.

Current range allowed from a single port:

                          6.5 – 10A allowed for up to 20 seconds

                          10 – 19A allowed for up to 5 seconds

Combined current of over 19 Amps will cause QIKPAC to immediately turn off (after 320ms delay)

Fault mode

Maximum or minimum charging temperature limit reached. (Charge: +5  to  +45C)

QIKPAC will not be charged while in this mode however it can still supply power to connected devices.

LEDs indication happens only if a power supply is connected.

Fault will be cleared automatically once battery cells are within temperature range.

Fault mode

Maximum or minimum discharge temperature limit reached (Discharge: -20  to  +60C)

QIKPAC will not supply power nor receive charge from the PSU in this mode.

Fault will be cleared automatically once battery cells are within temperature range.

Turning On / Start up Press and hold for 5 seconds – 4 Pink LEDs light up from left to right and will turn on in 1 second intervals. All LEDs on indicates a successful startup.
Ship mode / Shut down Press and hold for 5 seconds – 4 Pink LEDs light up then switch off one at a time from right to left
Ship Mode Short Button Press, one LED lights for 1 second – this confirms the QIKPAC is in ship mode. This is the mode QIKPAC will arrive in, when shipped.
High inrush current mode This mode activates automatically on every startup and remains effective for 60 seconds to allow devices with high in-rush current demand to startup.
Button Function Time Frame Action / Description
Turn QIKPAC on (from ship mode) 4 Seconds

Press button (approx. 4 secs):

Until you see LED lighting up in turn, then release button. If all 4 LEDS light up then a successful startup is indicated. After a few seconds the battery level will then appear.

Battery level status (when QIKPAC is On) 0 – 5 Seconds

Short Button Press (0-5 secs):

Display Battery level for 5 seconds, as well as clearing any over current fault.

Ship mode / Shut Down / Power saver 5 – 15 Seconds

Press & hold then release (5-15 secs):

Activating Ship mode / Shut Down
Suitable for shipping, saving power while not being in use or when the product is not going to be used for a long time.

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