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In a nutshell…

OE Electrics are experts in designing and manufacturing power and data distribution solutions. We believe that innovation is essential to the success of every new design and solution; it’s at the heart of everything we do from the products we design to the systems we use every day.

As the customer, you are at the centre of our focus and everything we do, from the creation of new products to the implementation of a new system, is with you in mind. Before we do anything we ask: ‘How is this going to benefit the customer?’

We have been providing custom designs from our dedicated in house team since 1986. With an unrivaled product range to support our bespoke service we are certain that we will have a solution to suit your needs.

What we do…

OE Electrics are experts in designing and manufacturing power and data distribution solutions. That’s why our products can now be found in call centres, cafes, hotels, hospitals, airport lounges, sports centres, shopping centres, service-counters, home offices, AV studios and many more – all over the world

We mould…

At our headquarters in Wakefield we mould our own plastic parts in-house. This gives us complete control of quality and quantities which, in turn, has the effect of building confidence with our clients.

We design…

We have been designing our own products for over 30 years, and in that time we have learned a thing or two! As well as designing our large portfolio of in-house units, we also offer a design service for people who need something a little better suited to their needs. Please contact us if you’d like to talk to us about a bespoke design.

We build…

Every product you order is built by our skilled team in our Wakefield head office. Each operative goes through an extensive training regime to ensure they are building your unit to the very best standards. Having your product built here in the UK means we can thoroughly check and test it before it gets packed up, ready to send to you.

We automate…

Our Socket Automation Line (SAL) is capable of building over 1,000,000 sockets a year. Based in our Head Office in Wakefield, we have a team of experts ensuring SAL is well looked after and you’re safe in the knowledge that EVERY socket she builds is tested – without fail!

We engineer…

With a fully equipped Engineering Department, we’re always able to go that extra step to give you exactly what you need. The department allows us the flexibility to be able to respond quickly and effectively to your needs.

We paint…

Having our in-house paint shops allows us the speed and flexibility to paint your product quickly and efficiently. Small quantities are now possible and we don’t have to worry about running out of a particular colour. We can match the colour of your choice; allowing you to colour your units to compliment your furniture or room.

We test…

We test each and every socket! Whatever the unit, whatever the country each socket get tested.

We make it the way you want it

At the end of the day; it’s your product. We’ll make it to your specifications – Doing it your way is our way!

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