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Animate breaks the rules about how you bring power to your furniture. Create a truly agile environment with our new range of solutions including HIGH POWER USB CHARGERS and completely mobile power delivery.

Charge Anywhere

Big Power in a small package!

PICCOLO is powered via a compact QikFit Power Supply Unit which sits discreetly under the desk. The PSU can be connected to multiple, multinational, QikFit power units all held within the QikTray cable basket providing an ideal kit for any desk, anywhere.

It’s no secret, people are busy

The world has been quietly evolving. It was only a short while ago when we were sitting in large offices separated by cubicle screens using clunky PCs and printing enormous amounts of paperwork. You could use a cheque to buy anything, and you had to be at your desk to use a telephone. But the days of saving your work to a floppy disk and renting a DVD from Blockbusters are over. Most people listen to music on their phones, watch movies on demand and book a taxi via an app. Cloud computing has become the norm, and your office can be anywhere.

OE created ANIMATE because we understand how the world is changing. If you can stand in a field and watch a movie while booking a table, and writing a blog, why shouldn’t you be able to charge your phone as well? 

We believe you should be able to charge anywhere, and that’s what ANIMATE does.

The OE ANIMATE system is a complete electrical architecture that uses click & connect modules, combining AC and DC where each is best suited. Born from the idea that people need power everywhere and all the time; ANIMATE was designed to allow power to be delivered in a way that is best for the user; whether at a desk in an office, a sofa in a cafe, or a park bench; ANIMATE bends and flexes to the needs of the user.

The system can either be completely DC, or a combination of AC and DC. The advantage of running DC power through furniture and fittings is that, not only is it safer for the user but doesn’t require an electrician to install. Plus, like all OE Electrics’ products, it can be configured to suit your specifications.

Animate in action

Hospital furniture

Furniture needs to be portable and sanitary in a hospital environment. Building a QIKPAC battery into your furniture means that they remain 100% mobile, and an ARC-H Wireless Charger installed under surfaces provides wireless charging capability without altering a wipe clean surface.




Wet Environments 

Water and electricity are a deadly mix. The bathroom can be one of the most dangerous rooms when it comes to electrical safety. However, with proper isolation from the mains and some common sense when it comes to the positioning of electrical units, USB charging can be a completely safe possibility in wet environments.


The DC power that supplies the TUF/HP can come from a QIKPAC, though considering the type of fixtures and fittings one would find in a bathroom, a PSU would be more suitable. The PSU which would be located somewhere away from liquid ingress, converts mains electricity into DC, which can then be run safely to somewhere accessible to the user. If the TUF/HP was to come in contact with water, there would be no risk of injury to the user, plus, in the event of water damage the TUF/HP can be removed and replaced without the need of an Electrician.




Mobile power 

When we began work on the animate range, scalability was at the forefront of the design. We wanted the ecosystem to be just as suitable for a single piece of furniture, as it would be for the entire building. That’s why with just two elements of the range, the QIKPAC and the QF TUF USB Charger, you can incorporate high power fast charging into something as diminutive and portable as a pouffe.

A single QIKPAC battery can provide 72W Power Delivery Charging, for Mobile Phones, Tablets, and laptops for hours of continuous use. When the QIKPAC battery starts to run low, simply click it out using the QIKPAC Removal Tool and click in a fresh battery.




Conference tables

There’s nothing better than a hot drink and biscuit while you’re enduring yet another meeting that could have been an email. That is, unless you can charge your devices while you’re there.

Conferences tables are yet another example of how the OE ANIMATE range can be used to bring USB and Wireless Charging to everyone in the room. A single starter lead can power two QIKFIT 2G power units for mains powered sockets, which then link to a multiple PSUs which in turn, power two PICCOLO DC USB Chargers each. PICCOLO DC is simple to install, and provides under-table USB charging without hitting your knees.

The ANIMATE range connects seamlessly to our existing QIKFIT power range. If you have a fixed AC device such as a wall mounted TV, a QIKFIT power module (available with UK, Euro, French-Belgian, and Swiss sockets) can be added to the circuit to take care of it.




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