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Cable Management
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  • Cabling Accessories
    Cabling Accessories
  • Pathfinder floor grommet
    Pathfinder floor grommet
  • cable port grommet cable management
    Cable outlets
    Cable outlets
  • Cable protection
    Cable protection
  • PolarSPINE
  • Trunking
  • EasyClamp
  • Pathfinder
  • Cable-Snake® CUBE
    Cable-Snake® CUBE
  • Brush Grommet
    Brush Grommet
  • qikfit usb charging and data offices GST18i3
  • Power and Data Grommet
    Power and Data Grommet
  • Push Me Pull You Open
    QikFit Push Me Pull You Lid
    QikFit Push Me Pull You Lid
  • under desk plug sockets, under desk power, discreet usb charging, hidden power sockets, hidden plug sockets, data and power, usb charging for phones, usb charging, in desk plug sockets, in desk power, in desk usb charging
    axxess lid
    axxess lid
  • Tardis in surface charging unit classroom power office power school power unit
    tardis lid
    tardis lid

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