Buildings Main Electrical Distribution board

Optional Revos Connector

HOME RUN Comprised of 2.5mm2, 4.0mm2 or 6mm2 LSOH singles in metal flexible conduit.

MASTER DISTRIBUTION BOX Solid galvanised enclosure with 6 or 9 outlets. This is used to distribute power to under desk distribution units

POWER & DATA FLOOR GROMMET 128mm Floor grommet with 1 UK socket and provision for 2 data outlets. P&D Floor Grommet can be hard wired directly into M2 system for plug and play

DUST CAP For protecting unused connectors

T CONNECTORS Perfect for connecting to multiple floor Grommets without the need for extra MDBs

EXTENDER CABLES Perfect for distributing power to other parts of the floor either for more desks or power grommets.

PATHFINDER & FLOOR GROMMET Perfect for routing cables seamlessly from under the floor to the power distribution unit.

POWERBAR Robust under desk power unit for providing power outlets for PCs and monitors

POWER DISTRIBUTION UNIT Solid aluminium and ABS-FR under desk distribution module with 2 x RCBO, RCD, or MCB protecting 2 - 8 Wieland GST18i3 outlets.

DESKTOP UNITS On desk power, perfect for convenient access for charging mobile devices such as laptops and phones

Metalynx2 Components

HOME RUN cables are comprised of 2.5mm, 4.0mm or 6.0mm LSOH singles (qty dependant on the number of circuits) in metal flexible conduit (up to 40mm diameter) complete with gland and lock-nut.

MASTER DISTRIBUTION BOX MDBs are generally comprised of a solid galvanised steel enclosure with a removable lid and provision for earthing. Output ports are positioned around the perimeter of the MDB.

EXTENDER LEAD cable assemblies of up to 6.0mm LSOH singles in a metal flexible conduit (16mm diameter) and pre-wired Male and Female

T CONNECTORS are comprised of Male and Female connectors and tails, and a conduit drop lead for connecting multiple floor grommets or workstations without the need for multiple MDBs.

FUSED SPUR UNIT Fused connection units (for connection to fan-coils or similar loads) are comprised of Male and Female connectors, suitability rated switch and fuse provision for earthing. A flex will carry the load to the equipment.

DUST CAP Perfect for protecting unused connectors.



PLUTO satisfies the growing need for easily accessible AC power sockets and USB charging in informal areas, with a unique combination of style and function.


PANDA reinvents our polarICE concept of snap on end-caps and sockets frames with a distinctive and more compact design, combining the functionality and style to suit the most demanding requirements.

Power and Data Distribution


A four aperture fascia allows high densities of RJ45 outlets using the industry standard 6C opening. Incorporating several of these in an extended extrusion allows a large number of data connectors to be provided in a compact unit.

Power Distribution Unit

PDU is the workhorse solution in the OE product range; versatile and strong. Its compact, extruded aluminium body can be configured with the full range of OE modular power, data/AV sockets and circuit protection devices.

Cable management


The PATHFINDER system from OE Electrics has been designed from 25 years experience in supplying cable management products, offering a complete floor-to-desk, floor-to ceiling, or ceiling-to-desk, vertical cable management solution.


QIKTRAY cable basket offers a unique combination of features: speed of installation, strength, versatility, aesthetics and more confi gurations than any previous cable management system.

Ports and Grommets

Pathfinder Floor Grommet

PATHFINDER Floor Grommet is the first of its kind to enable total cable protection from desk to under floor when used in conjunction with PATHFINDER.

Power & Data Grommet

The POWERED GROMMET is an adaptation of the 128mm floor grommet, providing effective means of power and data provision at floor level with a depth of just 104mm.

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