Power and Charging solutions for Hospitality

At OE Electrics, we believe that convenient and accessible charging solutions can enhance guest experience and improve brand loyalty. We help hotels, resorts and cafes provide best in class charging solutions in the most essential areas of their spaces, to remove any stresses associated with a low battery.

Get powered up with our Home Working Kits

We know working from home can be difficult when you are struggling to keep your devices charged all day. That’s why we provide Home Working Kits guaranteed to ensure you are never stuck for power.
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Stream Monitor Arm

The Stream monitor arm features a 3D adjustment with a 360° rotation for any screen. Available in silver, white or black with a desk-edge clamp.


With 3 power sockets, PLY ensures you never go without power! Gone are the days you have to compromise which device you charge! Available in premium Alpine White or Fenix Grigio Bromo (dark grey) matt laminate front trim to contrast or complement the black socket fascias and mounting bracket.

BlackICE / PolarICE

Available in Black and White, BlackICE and PolarICE are certain to give your home office the stylish accessory it needs. Offering 3 power sockets, BlackICE / PolarICE ensures that you’ll be able to charge all of your devices whenever you need to!


With 3 power sockets, PANDA ensures you never have to compromise power. It’s sleek and stylish design alongside a black and white colour option, ensures it’ll compliment your existing home office whilst providing fast and convenient power.


The ARC-H sub-surface wireless charger offers the ultimate charging experience. ARC-H is installed without the need to cut through the finished surface. ARC-H is one of the fastest sub-surface wireless chargers on the market providing a fast charge or quick boost when you need it most.


POCO mounted vertically takes up less than 50mm of desk space making it a perfect power solution when you have minimal desk space at home. With 3 power sockets, you’ll never have to compromise for power across all of your devices again!

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