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With power and charging solutions becoming more commonly available in hospitality and leisure venues such as coffee shops and restaurants, modern students are expecting the same technology in their learning environment as in their day-to-day lives…Read More

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Here at OE Electrics, we understand the demand for accessible power. Increasing amounts of people are choosing to work on their own devices, whether that’s at university, the library or a local cafè; sharing power has become inescapable. Bring power to your interior furnishings, so your visitors never have to compete for power and charging solutions again.


With three available outlet positions, PLUTO is ideal for charging multiple devices and therefore, perfectly suited to areas where groups or multiple people can work at one time. Infinitely customisable, and popular in both informal and formal breakout areas, PLUTO’s unique combination of style and function makes sharing power a pleasure.

PEAK provides power and data connectivity in larger meeting areas. Available with either 6 or 8 sockets, it is contemporary in design yet practical –  fitted in the surface – ideal for areas where larger groups or multiple people can work at the same time.


Designed to offer 360° socket access, PANDORA is an exciting and convenient solution that provides power and USB charging. Installed in-desk, in either formal or informal breakout areas, like meeting rooms or lunch tables, its rotating design allows your visitors and students to enjoy power that’s there when they need and hidden when they don’t. 

Integrated Power

Our integrated units are extremely versatile, able to be installed in desks, lockers or even soft furnishings. They seamlessly fit into their surrounding surface to complement your interior design theme. Equally convenient and stylish, the installation of these units is only limited by your imagination.

PUMA is designed for panels, whether that’s an acoustic privacy screen, modesty panel or even the side of an armchair, PUMA is your perfect solution for providing convenient but discrete power and data. Available in 2 and 3 gang versions and in grey or black, the ultra-compact PUMA easily clips or screws into cavities as little as 30mm deep.

PIP is a compact and powerful unit that is customisable with either an AC socket or our signature OE TUFA+C25w: USB fast charger. With a range of finishing options, including brushed stainless steel and a wide selection of colours, PIP seamlessly integrates into your interior furnishings, so that you can charge almost anywhere.



Like PIP, the PixelTUF is discreet but powerful. It presents both mains and 25W USB charging power allowing multiple devices to charge from one unit. Perfectly suited to breakout areas including cafeterias, meeting rooms, soft furnishings and even in lockers, install this handy unit wherever you need power.

Flexible Power

Locatable power allows for flexibility of location. When your visitors or students need power, they are able to move these free-standing units to a space convenient to them. Alternatively, these units can be fixed to the desired location or in some cases even fitted to furniture.



PELICAN is designed with high usage in mind. Therefore, it is perfect for busy reception areas, libraries and universities with high traffic. PELICAN is a convenient unit that enables you to bring power and USB charging to where you are. Its stylish, stable construction can easily be moved and positioned to suit the requirements of its user or can be fixed to one spot for a more permanent placement.



POSE is a unique solution for providing conveniently locatable power or USB charging in casual seating areas. The standard POSE consists of a single socket power module and a flexible chrome gooseneck, mounted to a weighted base. As standard, POSE is available as a free-standing unit, able to be moved by its user. However, bespoke versions of POSE can be supplied, , upon request, for mounting direct to furniture such as fixed seating.

On Desk Power

Ideal for office areas, lecture theatres, libraries, and classrooms –  easily install power solutions to your existing workspace with our on desk units, perfect for either individual use or sharing. These units are customisable to feature a combination of AC sockets and USB charging with our best in class TUF A+C Type fast charger.


Add a splash of colour to your space with PULSE-8. Based on our top-selling PULSE unit, it is available to order in a choice of 8 lively colours. It can be specified with a variety of modular power, data and AC sockets including our USB fast charger: TUF-R A+C 25W. Multiple bracket options allow PULSE-8 to be fitted to almost any location.


PANDA reinvents our successful polarICE unit with a distinctive and more compact design using snap-on decorative end-caps and sockets frames.  Available in 8 special paint colours,  PANDA-8 is a fun and distinctive option. Combining functionality and style, it is the ideal unit to brighten up your space, while bringing you power that can be easily installed onto your desktop.


PHASE is the ideal unit for providing convenient but discreet power, data and USB fast charging. With its innovative concealed mounting bracket and optional through back or through base cable entry, it is simple to install. Secure on desks, tables or even soft furnishings – bringing power to unlimited locations.

Cable Management

Cable management helps to keep your space neat and tidy. Freedom of messy cables enables optimum concentration and productivity. Combine a variety of our recommended products for prime cable management to make the most of your space.


The Pathfinder system from OE Electrics has been designed to offer a complete floor to the desk, floor to ceiling, or ceiling to desk, vertical cable management solution. Pathfinder, a flexible umbilical in white, clear, black or silver with a unique Pathfinder grommet allows for feeding underfloor cables directly into the umbilical. Extendable sections, allow for fixed desk, height adjustable desk or ceiling termination. Also available with a wide range of floor, desk, and ceiling fixing options, Pathfinder provides total management of cables while offering Internal segregation for power and data cables to comply with BS regulations.


The QIKTRAY cable basket offers a unique combination of features: speed of installation, strength, versatility, aesthetics and a configurability unlike anything that has been seen before within a cable management system.

The QIKTRAY has been designed to allow the QikFit Power, Data and AV components to simply ‘click’ directly into the face or back of the basket without the need for separate brackets, clips or parts. It is also possible to stack the single tier baskets to create a sturdy multi-tier solution within a matter of seconds.

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Royal Holloway University

Royal Holloway University’s new Davison Building is designed to meet the needs of students. Incorporating in-desk and on-desk power, and USB solutions throughout the building, we created a space where students can study, research, learn and relax.

Every computer station is accompanied by one of our PIXEL units allowing students to charge their phones and tablets while working at the computer. Our PLUTO units are distributed at benching stations where students can bring their own devices (BYOD) and keep them juiced throughout the day.

The University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham was faced with the realisation that their existing library building, dating back to the 1950’s, could not be refurbished to the standards the university sets itself to offer their students and researchers state-of-the-art learning facilities.

The decision was made to build a brand new library that would be a contemporary addition to the campus. The brief for the new building called for a technology-rich space with “a variety of learning spaces to cater for different modes of study”. The space should be inspirational and welcoming, with lots of natural light, knowledgeable staff, access to “essential texts” and IT support…

Cardiff University

When Cardiff University refurbished their Resource Centre, they were tasked with the challenge of creating a space that students could use to eat and socialise, as well as work collaboratively and individually when needed. So the space had to be flexible enough to provide open spaces, with a table tennis and pool table, alongside options for quieter, private study areas…not an easy task.

It was necessary for the university to provide students with ample plug sockets and USB charging outlets to charge their laptops, tablets and mobile phones as they work. OE Electrics worked closely with Connection to provide electrical units integrated directly into the furniture so that they are conveniently located and easy to access.

The University of Bedfordshire

OE Electrics were privileged to be suppliers to a £47million investment into a new Library at The University of Bedfordshire. The project incorporated our colourful Pixel and Pluto units, distributed within various furniture solutions to complement the colour coded floors and furniture of the building. Our products contributed to the modern and creative feel of the new library, injecting a degree of colour into the space while allowing students to charge their laptops, phones, and tablets.

The University of Kent

The University of Kent have re-designed Kent Business School (KBS) lecture theatre to bring the space up to date with the rest of the recently refurbished business school building.

The business school required a higher specification than other areas of the university; able to support both undergraduate and post-graduate study, alongside the University’s iconic MBA programme.

KBS partnered with auditorium and lecture theatre seating experts; Audise, who proposed a seating design fit for 21st century education that could be future-proofed for inevitable advances in technology. As part of this, the decision was made to incorporate USB Type-C charging in order for the space to be at the forefront of technology.

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