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PANDORA is an exciting new solution from OE Electrics for providing power and USB charging in meeting areas. Fitting neatly into a 128mm+ grommet hole with a near flush profile when closed, PANDORA rotates open to provide 360° socket access. Great looks, simple installation and a choice of international socket options plus of course our class leading OE TUFA+C5A:Twin USB Fast charger, makes PANDORA perfectly suited to meeting tables, informal break out areas, and use in cafés and hotels . PANDORA is moulded in either white (9003) or black PC/ABS for both excellent durability and appearance. As an alternative to the standard textured finish, the clean profile of PANDORA when not in use can be enhanced by optional brushed stainless steel inlays.

PANDORA is perfectly suited to meeting tables, break out areas, and use in cafés and hotels.

PANDORA is moulded in either white (9003) or black PC/ABS for both excellent durability and appearance.

here’s some essential technical info

PIP can fit any of the below modular components


Body and grommet – Fire retardant PC/ABS Securing nut – Nylon 6

Socket fusing:

To enable compliance to BS6396 UK sockets are fitted with 5 x 20mm anti-surge ceramic fuses, with colour-coded fuse clips to denote the rating (3.15A/5A)


Body and grommet: White (9003) or Black Socket Fascias:  Black or grey Inlays: Brushed stainless steel (standard) or painted (optional)

Power cord options:

PANDORA may be hardwired to: – Mains AC plug, or for soft wiring – Wieland GST18 male connector for “soft wiring” e.g. connection to an under desk power modules or direct to a floor socket via a starter cable. – OE J Coupler for connecting two or more PANDORA units to a single mains supply socket

Quality and Testing:

All PANDORA units are manufactured using ISO9001 quality controlled components and practices and are 100% tested before dispatch.

  • Visual: Configuration and appearance
  • Mechanical: correct operation of rotating mechanism
  • Power sockets: Continuity, polarity, insulation & earth
  • USB charger: Output voltage and resistance

“We test every pin on every connection in every socket”

CE Marking

All units built with UK and European socket types are CE marked by OE Electrics as complying with: – Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2014/30/EU – Low Voltage Equipment Directive 2014/35/EU – RoHS2 Directive 2011/65/EU


AC Power sockets:  The fitted sockets will be certified to the appropriate national/international standard eg: BS1363/5733, IEC60884-1, UL498, CCC, AS/NZS3112 OE TUF5A:   Independently certified to IEC60950-1/UL60950-1 Cable, connectors & mains plug:   Independently certified to the appropriate national/international standard Wieland connectors – IEC 61535


USB Type C charging is now being adopted by all the major manufacturers of mobile devices and has already been incorporated into some laptop models. This is not only because of its small form factor and the fact that it is reversible, making it simpler and easier to use, but also because it comes with a brand new charging protocol – called Power Delivery (PD).

Power Delivery means that any mobile device, including laptops, can request its optimal charging mode, to which the USB outlet will automatically adapt.

OE TUF Specifications

 USB charging outlets 1 x Type A female 1 x Type C female
Charging current Type A 5V up to 2.5A Type C 5V up to 3.0A Maximum combined output 5A
Rated Total Output Power 25W
AC Voltage Range 110-240VAC at 50/60Hz
AC Input Current (Full Load) Maximum 0.6A
Efficiency Up to 90%
Environment 0 – 30C / 85% Relative Humidity
Standby Power 0.05W

OE TUF Features

 Protection from External Surges Yes (3.5kA for 8/20us Pulse)
Internal Over Temp Protection Self Resetting
Internal Over Voltage Protection Self Resetting
Output Over Current Protection Self Limiting
Short Circuit Protection Self Resetting
Intelligent Device Recognition USB Sockets Gold Plated for Improved Contact Type-A specifically manufactured for minimum 5000 insertions. Type-C for minimum 10,000 insertions.
Power Indicator Blue LED
Cable Compensation Voltage Adjustable to compensate for cable loss
Standards Certified to IEC 60950-1, UL 60950-1,
and EN61204-3/CISPR22

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