Wireless charging In Offices

Wireless charging in offices creates an agile, and flexible work environment. Break free from the cables with our range of wireless chargers.


ARC-H LD is OE’s sub-surface wireless charger – it as convenient to install as it is to use. There is no cutting or drilling required as the charger mounts under surfaces 20-50mm thick! Get rid of the clutter on your desks with ARC-H LD.

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Arc80 fits into an 80mm grommet hole to provide fast wireless charging. This charger is ideal for agile spaces in the office, where employees may need to charge their phones with no wire.

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PandorARC is a compact, all-in-one charging solution for your office. When closed the unit offers fast wireless charging; when open it reveals your chosen combination of AC power and USB charging. PandorARC can charge phones, laptops and tablets.

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ARC-G is a flexible wireless charger to suit your office. Specify ARC-G with an 80mm grommet for cable management, or add AC power and USB charging (see PixelARC).

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PixelARC has enough power for everyone; the compact unit can charge phones, tablets and laptops. Busy areas in the office, such as breakout areas and agile spaces make for the perfect home for PixelARC – where the unit can charge numerous employee’s devices at the same time. 

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PabloARC combines fast wireless charging with TUF-R A+C USB charging. This unit is easy to install, simply place PabloARC into an 80mm hole and hand tighten the nut below. 

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Transform any standard 80mm hole into a wireless charger. GrommetArc comes with a premium brush grommet for cable management. This unit is the perfect way to keep desk space tidy and powered.

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