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TUF-R®/HP is our latest generation Power Delivery modules. TUF-R®/HP is designed for High Power items, so it allows you to charge your laptop, phone or tablet quickly and easily via a type-C USB.




Tested to over 10,000 insertions

Reversible USB A+C

Up to 72W High Power USB charging

Configure TUF/HP your way!

TUF/HP is designed to be flexible – so that you can install power where you need it! Our patented round 42mm TUF-R®/HP fits into all OE Electrics’ existing units. QF TUF-R®/HP is perfect to integrating into furniture.


QikFit TUF/HP 

 With its small form factor, QF TUF-R®/HP is perfect to integrating into furniture. When combined with our 70W Power Supply Unit QF TUF-R®/HP offers up to 60W delivery from the Type-C USB, ideal for laptops, and up to 12W from the Type-A USB which is ideal for phones and tablets.

QF TUF-R®/HP also integrates perfectly with our existing QikFit range of products suitable for commercial offices.


42mm TUF-R HP 

Our patented round 42mm TUF-R®/HP fits into all OE Electrics’ existing units and when combined with our internal (coming soon) or external Power Supply Unit will offer up to 60W delivery from the Type-C USB, ideal for laptops, and up to 12W from the Type-A USB which is ideal for phones and tablets.

Let’s connect people: everywhere

 Wherever you are, you probably take a device with you – that goes with you wherever you are going. Yet keeping it charged on-the-go can be a challenge; especially for higher powered items like laptops. OE’s module is so compatible that integrating it into furniture is simple; so you can stay connected everywhere. 

QF TUF-R®/HP on trains

Throughout our lives we spend more than half of our time moving from one place to another, whether for leisure, work, or necessity. During these journeys, whether long or short, we have the imperative need to be connected to our mobile devices. The installation of USB charging in public transport enhances the customer experience, and gives provider greater prestige in terms of service infrastructure.

The TUF005 USB Charger is easily replaceable, and can be done so without the vehicle even stopping. Featuring 1x USB Type-A and 1x USB Type-C, TUF/HP can charge the vast majority of phones using intelligent charging. This means that the TUF/HP will determine the maximum charge rate suitable for your phone, to charge as fast as possible, but without wear on you battery.

TUF-R®/HP in wet environments

Water and electricity are a deadly mix. The bathroom can be one of the most dangerous rooms when it comes to electrical safety. However, with proper isolation from the mains and some common sense when it comes to the positioning of electrical units, USB charging can be a completely safe possibility in wet environments.

The DC power that supplies the TUF/HP can come from a QIKPAC, though considering the type of fixtures and fittings one would find in a bathroom, a PSU would be more suitable. The PSU which would be located somewhere away from liquid ingress, converts mains electricity into DC, which can then be run safely to somewhere accessible to the user. If the TUF/HP was to come in contact with water, there would be no risk of injury to the user, plus, in the event of water damage the TUF/HP can be removed and replaced without the need of an Electrician.

TUF-R®/HP in conference rooms

There’s nothing better than a hot drink and biscuit while you’re enduring yet another meeting that could have been an email. That is, unless you can charge your devices while you’re there.

Conferences tables are yet another example of how the OE ANIMATE range can be used to bring USB and Wireless Charging to everyone in the room. A single starter lead can power two QIKFIT 2G power units for mains powered sockets, which then link to a multiple PSUs which in turn, power two PICOLLO DC USB Chargers each. PICOLLO DC is simple to install, and provides under-table USB charging without hitting your knees.

The ANIMATE range connects seamlessly to our existing QIKFIT power range. If you have a fixed AC device such as a wall mounted TV, a QIKFIT power module (available with UK, Euro, French-Belgian, and Swiss sockets) can be added to the circuit to take care of it.

TUF-R®/HP for sit stand workspaces

The use of sit-stand workstations has been scientifically proven to improve your productivity, concentration and increase your creativity. It has also been found that standing at your desk increases calories loss by up to 13% more over the course of an eight-hour day.

In the spirit of being on your feet, your Sit/Stand Workstation can also become mobile by making it battery powered. A QIKPAC 242 battery can power a PICOLLO DC and ARC-H Wireless Charger simultaneously, and in some cases the up/down mechanism can also be powered from the QIKPAC.

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