Wireless charging in education

More than ever, students and staff are relying on their devices to power their learning wireless charging in education provides a modern solution for modern study. Lecture theatres, classrooms and breakout areas with wireless chargers keep both students and staff equipped for their lessons.


ARC-H LD offers 15W charging power without disrupting your space. This charger offers quick and convenient wireless charging capabilities for surfaces 20-50mm thick! Ideal for installation under thicker surfaces such as lecterns, auditorium desks, and dorm desks.

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Arc80 the simple way to bring wireless charging into your space. The charger sits in an 80mm hole, it is a compact unit that is ready to give your device a boost.

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PandorARC is ideal for group work! The unit can be installed in agile workspaces and breakout areas. In its closed position, it is a fast wireless charging solution and opens to reveal your chosen combination of AC power and USB charging.

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ARC-G provides wireless charging whilst keeping grommet holes free for use. Customisable to suit your needs, the 80mm grommet can be specified with a brush grommet (see GrommetARC) for cable management or mains power (See PixelARC). ARC-G offers a versatile wireless charging experience allowing you to make the most of your space.

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PixelARC can power laptops, tablets, and phones – all at the same time. The wireless charger includes AC power and our TUF A+C charger. PixelARC can be placed in large classrooms and even cafeterias as the design stops liquid ingress.

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PabloARC combines fast wireless charging with our TUF A+C USB charger. This unit fits into an 80mm hole, so it is an ideal way to bring power to lecturns. 

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Keep your space functional with by installing GrommetArc. This wireless charger comes with a premium brush grommet for cable management. This unit is the perfect way to keep desks in the library tidy and powered. 

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