Wireless charging in   restaurants & bars

Convenient phone charging is a simple way to increase your customer satisfaction. Qi-compatible fast charging; that is easy to wipe down and keep clean. We have a range of wireless chargers so that you can pick the right unit for your customers’ needs.


ARC-H LD mounts under your tables – so you don’t have to worry about spilt drinks. You do not even have to cut or drill into your tables to install it. The charger mounts under the table and will charge through surfaces 20-50mm thick!

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Offer your customers fast wireless charging at their table! Install Arc80 in restaurants, coffee shops, cafes and bars. This is our no-fuss, 10W wireless charger. 

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PixelARC can power laptops, tablets and phones – all at the same time! This charging solution is ideal for customers who want to work, as they drink their cappuccino. Keep your customers powered with PixelARC’s fast wireless and USB charging. 

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PandorARC is the perfect power solution for coffee shops. The compact power unit can charge laptops, tablets and phones – ideal for customers who want to work. When closed, PandorARC offers fast wireless charging; when open PandorARC offers AC power and USB A+C charging!

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