Wireless charging on transport

People rely on their phones to get from A to B. Wireless charging on transport is essential to have convenient power wherever the day takes you – whether that’s for work or leisure.


ARC-H LD offers fast 15W charging power – ideal for passengers who need a quick charge! The sub-surface wireless charger charges through surfaces 20-50mm thick – perfect for extendable aeroplane, train and coach tables; or even waiting areas.

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ARC80 is our no-fuss, fast wireless charging unit that offers convenient, and cable-free charging. The charger fits into an 80mm grommet hole, ARC80 is the compact solution to provide a quick boost to your phone in waiting areas, lounges and restaurants.

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PandorARC is a flexible all-in-one unit that adapts to your passenger’s charging needs. In its closed position, PandorARC offers fast wireless charging and opens to reveal your chosen combination of AC power and USB charging for laptops, tablets and phones.

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Arc-G is designed to make the most of your space by keeping grommet holes free for use. The 80mm grommet can be specified with a brush grommet for cable management or mains power (See PixelARC). ARC-G offers a versatile wireless charging experience.

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Busy waiting areas are full of passengers who want to charge a range of devices before they travel. PixelARC combines, AC power, USB A+C fast charging and wireless charging into one compact unit – to keep all of your passenger’s devices charged.

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PabloARC can charge up to three devices at the same time, using the wireless pad and A+C USB ports. The charger can be installed into train tables or even airport bars to keep your passengers laptops, tablets and phones charged as they travel. 

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Transform your standard 80mm grommet into a wireless charger with grommetARC. Easy to install without the need for tools, just place into the hole and screw the nut into place and you’re all set!

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