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Bring OE’s wireless charging to your workspace! We offer two of the fastest wireless chargers on the market to ensure that you can get a fast full charge or a quick boost when you need it most. Stylish and discreet meaning they will fit perfectly into the modern office, breakout area and meeting room.

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The ARC-H LD sub surface wireless charger offers the ultimate in charging convenience. Designed with a charging range of (20-50mm)*, ARC-H LD can be installed without the need to cut into work surfaces.


OE’s patented design uses a resonant coil to focus the energy field and provide maximum efficiency and the fastest possible charging speeds.

Providing 10 Watts of charging power ARC-H LD is among the fastest wireless charges on the market! Keeping in mind it’s also a through surface charger! ARC-H LD is great for touch and go charging or if you’ve got a couple of minutes a full charge.

*20-30mm to comply with FCC Part 15 | *thicknesses 25mm + require OE’s electronic alignment tool



Lose those annoying cables and get charging with ARC80
Simply rest your wireless compatible phone* on our wireless charger for a fast convenient charge – perfect for flexible workplaces!


Quick and easy to install, ARC80 fits neatly into a standard 80mm hole and once connected, provides wireless charging instantly. There’s no longer any need to crawl on the floor looking for a powerpoint; ARC80 uses the most advanced wireless charging technology to power your phone without the need for cables. simply rest your wireless enabled phone on ARC80 and let it work its magic!



With 360° socket access and access to wireless charging via the lid, pandorARC offers a stylish yet convenient wireless charging experience.


Simply fitted into the same cutout as pandora, pandorARC offers a perfect combination of traditional plug sockets, USB charging and wireless charging available when Pandora is in a closed position.

The wireless charging application works via an internal power supply negating the need for an extra plug; making installation simple and straight forward.

pandorARC is available in both black and white with a choice of international sockets.



Combining both pixelTUF and our ARC wireless charger, pixelARC brings you both mains, 25W USB charging and wireless charging.

pixelARC presents mains, 25W USB Charging and wireless charging in an ultra compact form, meeting the growing need for easily accessible mobile device charging in informal areas. Perfectly suited to breakout areas, meeting rooms, coffee tables, desk areas in offices, home working offices, hotels and other public spaces – installation of pixelARC is only limited by the imagination!



OE’s ‘ARC grommet’ allows you to upgrade your existing pixel, pixelTUF, pablo or brush grommet.

This page represents just a small selection of what OE has to offer. We also offer custom solutions and always welcome feedback. More products can be found on the link below

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