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Restaurants & Bars

Wireless chargers in restaurants and bars can increase footfall and customer satisfaction. Our Qi-compatible, fast wireless chargers are perfect for commercial spaces.

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Work can be stressful enough without having to root around for that charging cable. Clear the clutter with wireless charging so they can focus on what’s important. 

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Our wireless solutions offer a touch-less charging experience that keep staff, patients and their families charged when they need it most. Designed to be compact, keeping space clutter-free and easy to clean.

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Make guests feel at home by negating the worry of a dead-battery. Allowing them to re-charge devices while they re-charge themselves. Your guests can wave goodbye to remembering USB cables or adaptors.

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People rely on their phones to get from A to B. It’s important to be able to access convenient power wherever the day takes them whether that’s for work or leisure.

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More than ever, students and staff are relying on their devices to power their learning Wireless charging in education provides a modern solution for modern study. 

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The oe inc logo Difference

Qi Compatible

All of our wireless charging solutions are Qi Compatible to provide safe and reliable wireless charging.

Award Winning Design

From the HiP awards to the CFYC awards, OE’s wireless charging solutions have won international awards for their excellence.

10W Fast Charge

Compatible with Samsung 10W and Apple 7.5W charging modes and the standard 5W charge. Perfect for a quick boost or full charge.

Touchless Experiences

Ensure a safe environment for your customers by reducing physical contact between charging devices.

Space Management

OE’s ARC range takes up little to no space on your surface meaning there’s more space for your customer!

Trusted by international businesses

OE’s wireless charging technology is powering people’s days around the world!

Generating new ideas. Solving big problems.


of consumers use wireless charging at home


of consumers have used wireless charging in public spaces


report they never experience battery anxiety now they have a wireless charger

Which solution is right for you?


ARC-H LD installs under the surface – so no cutting or drilling is required! It charges through surfaces 20-50mm thick.


Quick and easy to install, ARC80 fits into an 80mm hole and provides wireless charging instantly.


PandorARC offers both wireless charging and your choice of TUF USB charging and mains power. 


ARC-G is flexible to suit your needs! With mains power, USB charging or a brush grommet! 


PixelARC is the ultimate wireless charger! It offers fast 10W wireless charging, mains power and TUF USB charging to keep all of your devices charged. .

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